• We offer bespoke programmes of lessons for toddlers which adheres to the STA Swim Programme. Our term lengths vary but on average they are 9 weeks long and each lesson is of 30 minutes.

    The First Time Toddler Stage is for children between 2-4 years of age and  is for toddlers with no previous structured swimming classes or little swimming experience.

    We understand that toddlers have much more awareness of their surroundings than the babies, so an important part of teaching this stage is pool safety and lifesaving skills but in a fun environment!

    There will be varying levels of experience at this stage so our First Swim teachers will consider both their age and their confidence level in the water as you go through the programmes.

    In each class we will have a maximum of eight toddlers and eight parents/guardians.

    All other family members are very welcome to watch from our spectator area – perhaps whilst indulging in some coffee and cake!

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