Our Kick-Start Kids courses are both challenging and rewarding to allow each child to develop their water confidence and swimming skills, whilst having fun.

We have designed progressive learning programmes for 4-7 year olds that follow the STA framework. There is a maximum of 4 children learning with a single teacher and the lessons are taught in our private, heated and purpose-built pool.

We offer courses based on the child’s experience and age, which are split in to our ‘Starters’ and ‘Improvers’. The Starter level is aimed at beginners or children who have had no formal lessons previously. The Improvers level is for children who are more experienced and confident in the water, but are yet to fully develop their techniques and/or swim unaided.

Each course focuses on learning a series of techniques that are key to the development of independent swimming. The children will be taught these through attentive teaching and support, utilising a platform in our pool on which the children can stand in the water safely. Children will move from Starters to Improvers once they are able to consistently demonstrate the techniques.

Parents don’t need to be in the water with the child, however are required to help the children get dressed before and after the lesson and ensure they reach poolside for the teacher to collect them. We also ask that parent’s remain in our viewing area throughout the class – where of course you can sit back and relax with a treat from our coffee shop!

Kick-Start Kids who are currently enrolled on our programme will have their space automatically reserved on the next term. Based on our teacher assessments we will then inform you mid-term if your child has successfully completed all course targets in our highest programme – this will mean they are then ready to leave First Swim to go to a larger pool!

Please note – We cannot offer any catch-up lessons for Kick-Start Kids