• We offer bespoke One to One Parent & Child lessons (Parent in the water) for children between 6 weeks and 4 years of age. Our teachers, whilst adhering to the STA Swim programme, will personally assess and adapt the course to suit the needs of the child and progress at a pace that is right for them. Our term lengths vary but on average they are 9 weeks long and each lesson is 30 minutes.
    Other parents and family members are very welcome to watch from our spectator area – perhaps whilst indulging in some coffee and cake!

    These is an entirely unique and flexible programme so will be designed around your child’s swim confidence and development and will move at a pace that is appropriate.

    Catch up lessons are not possible for One-to-One Programmes.

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We can offer One-to-One lessons at certain times – please contact us and we will confirm if we have any availability.