Our teachers are the heart of what we do here at First Swim. They will take care of you and your child. They are there to make sure your baby or toddler is learning in an environment that is safe and fun.

Our teachers are STA/ASA qualified in Baby/Pre-school teaching as a minimum, plus they all have a lifesaving award.



I’m a kiwi through and through.  I spent most of my youth on or in the water.  Be it sailing, swimming, kayaking or bare foot water skiing.  I came over to the UK in Jan 2000 and haven’t managed to leave…! I decided to change career after having my children now 6 and 5 because I didn’t want to work in an environment I couldn’t relate to anymore.  Children changed me! I love teaching babies and toddlers because I whole heartily believe swimming provides both the adult and the child with a unique platform to bond. Swimming is a life skill that in my opinion is vital. My passion for swimming runs deep, I couldn’t imagine not swimming.  So, to be able to teach and share one of my first loves with others is truly awesome.  I’ve recently completed my Diploma in Aquatic Teaching – Baby and Pre-School. I’m able to teach all ages and levels due to the qualifications I’ve gained.


I started teaching swimming in the year 2000 and taught toddlers and coached beginner level competitive swimming in South Africa for 10yrs before moving to the UK. In the UK I updated my qualifications in Level 2 Swim Teaching & Coaching, Parent & Baby Teaching, and Level 3 Swim Coaching. I have continued teaching all levels of swimming, from Parent & Babies to National Swimmers. I loved taking things back to basics and teaching the babies and toddlers the skills to be safe and have fun in the water. I love working with all the levels, seeing the fun the parent and child have together, the development in ability and confidence in both swimmer and parent, to seeing the swimmer become independent and having a love for the water. My passion is water and I’d like to pass on my knowledge, experience and the skills to swim so that others may be confident to experience the many wonders and experiences water has to offer.


One of the first activities I was introduced to as a child was swimming. I was raised on the beautiful Ligurian coastline in the north of Italy. Swimming was as natural to me as walking or running growing up. I am the oldest of four sisters and a brother and we spent all our time in the sea. The Mediterranean became our playground. I have always been extremely sporty and active, pushing myself mentally and physically. I enjoy the challenges and rewards that teaching swimming offers instilling confidence, and self-belief in the children and adults I coach. I believe that swimming is a life skill that every individual should learn.


I grew up in a small town called Szentes in Hungary, which attained international fame in the water polo scene. I started swimming at the age of 3, later I fell in love with water polo and I played competitively for many years. Water always relaxes me, it is a never-ending passion. After becoming a mum of two beautiful kids (aged 3 and 1), I decided to specialise in teaching swimming for babies and pre-schoolers and I gained my STA qualifications. I found teaching children to be such a rewarding and exciting profession, I love every minute of it. In my classes I always give thorough explanations of the exercises, so parents understand how the lessons benefit their little ones and I make sure we have loads of fun whilst building up water confidence and developing skills.


I first discovered the joys and benefits of baby swimming with my first child, so much so that it inspired me to make a career change and have been teaching since 2011. I’ve now got three children (all of whom love the water). My eldest child has Down Syndrome, baby swimming is inclusive of all children and benefits both parent and child. I love teaching children of all ages. It’s wonderful to watch the relationships between parents and children and to see their progression and confidence build in the water.


I have been a swimming teacher for some years now and have the best job in the world! I teach 6-week-old babies, toddlers, tweens, teens and adults (I shouldn’t have favourites, but I love my babies and toddlers). Having swum as a child and loved it, I came in to teaching after having two children of my own and saw once again how important swimming is for children. Not only when they are small and are learning how to be safe around water and save their own lives (and above all have fun) but also when older, when they cement good technique to enable beautiful swimming executed with ease. After all, when you can swim, it opens up a whole world of water sports, fitness and aquatic adventures for the rest of your life.


Swimming was a huge part of my life from a very young age. I was taught to swim in the stunning Lake Balaton in Hungary, where I spent most of my childhood. I have experience teaching swimming to babies, children and adults. I believe teaching requires passion, engagement and patience but the biggest reward is when you see your pupil’s progression and their happiness in the water! My personal aim is to share my experience and to ensure that my pupils become increasingly confident in the water. I strongly feel that swimming is an essential life skill that all ages can learn.


I was an early but slow learner of swimming as a child but once I got the hang of it, it became my freedom and sanctuary, I was like a dolphin in the water (with size 10 flippers to boot!) My vocation in life was always to teach. I started studying a teaching degree then life took me in a different direction in management. After having my daughter and taking her swimming, I finally found the missing piece of the puzzle! I then retrained to combine my love of children and teaching with one of my oldest held pastimes of swimming. I absolutely love babies and children and get sheer joy from the experience of teaching them and seeing each little one’s achievements – I hope this always shines through in my teaching.