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Club First Swim is an exclusive service for existing customers only, it’s designed to take some of the stress out of booking, giving you an opportunity to secure your existing space (day & time of lesson) ahead of lessons going on general sale for a 12 month period.

See below for more information, FAQs and the important small print 🙂

Before completing payment, during the checkout stage, please ensure you are logged in using the username under which your First Swim orders are usually made.

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Club First Swim is essentially a guaranteed* but time-bound reservation on any regular** term offered for sale over the following 12 months***

Once enrolled as a Club First Swim member, your space on the coming term at the time of purchase, is carried over to any new term offered. Your booking is then made for you by our Admin team, and you will be advised of a small priority window in which to pay for your term. After the payment window closes, if the order isn’t paid for then the system assumes you do not want the space on this occasion and the booking is cancelled automatically as the lessons go on general sale. The Club First Swim fee is not refundable or exchangeable if this happens.


How do I sign up for Club First Swim?

To sign up for Club First Swim please go to add it to your basket and checkout.

How much does Club First Swim cost?

£49.99 – this covers the cost of the extra administration and processes needed to manage the bookings in this way for 12 months, approx. £10 per term.

I have more than one child attending – do I need to pay the fee for each child?

No – Club First Swim applies to any children in your family who swim with First Swim in our Baby and Toddler Level classes.

Can I enroll in Club First Swim and make a reservation for a class I don’t currently attend?

Unfortunately not – customers wishing to switch classes must secure a space on their desired level when the lesson goes on general sale.

Will this change the process of me signing up like I do usually on a first come first served basis?

No – the general release of lessons will go ahead each term as normal and we will notify existing customers first, as we do now. We anticipate that customers in our busier classes may well choose to make use of Club First Swim, and therefore the only difference would be that the number of spaces you see available to book when the lessons are released could be less. There is still the same total number of spaces in the classes overall.

I’m a loyal customer – shouldn’t I be automatically enrolled? Why should I pay?

This is an enhanced service (but it is not compulsory), for those customers wishing to do all they can to ensure they get ‘their space’. This is an additional, mostly manual, process that our Admin team will be performing for you and some additional software needed to help oversee the process, hence the service is a paid for one.

What happens if the current class isn’t continued across terms, and I have paid for Club First Swim?

Your fee is refunded in full or pro-rated if it’s been used in part (please allow 5 – 7 workings days for this to be credited to your account)

What happens if we decide to leave First Swim within the 12 months?

The fee is a one-off payment for the year which is non-refundable or exchangeable should you leave within the 12-month period.

What happens at the end of the 12 months, will you take the next payment automatically?

Don’t worry we don’t automatically renew or take payment. Will we remind you that the period is coming to an end.


*please note that a booking is not guaranteed until the term starts even if payment has been made – we will always do our best to honour any commitment, but First Swim does reserve the right to change or cancel terms/ lessons should the need arise and to change class details and levels at its discretion. Customers impacted by such class changes will be offered refunds providing the change was made by First Swim.

** a regular term applies only to Terms of lessons sold under the names ‘Bright Start Babies’, ‘First Time Toddlers’ and ‘Talented Toddlers’. Club first Swim does not apply to any other swim term or product.

***providing the lesson remains viable to continue the next term and First Swim retains the right to change courses and levels offered

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