Kick-Start Kids Improvers 4+

This course is suitable for aged 4+ who have attended Baby and Toddler classes either with us or elsewhere. They should be confident in the water, can get in the pool independently and are happy to put their face in/under the water. This is a ‘child only’ session with only the children and the teacher in the water.

Please note our pool is 6m in length so if your child can already swim 5m, we may not be the right choice!

There is a maximum of 4 children per class.

Example of course steps:

Front and back paddle using a woggle for 5 metres
Push and glide on front with face in
Push and glide on back using a woggle
Blow bubbles with face in the water
Perform a star float and roll over (with support)
Show treading water action using a woggle
Attempt circle action with arms
Attempt circle action with legs on back, using a woggle

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